new melbourne logo

WTF: dam this is ugly.

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle today unveiled the new Melbourne City logo, developed over the last 3 weeks at a cost to ratepayers of $61.25 ($50 USD).

“This is a proud moment for Melbourne, and a fresh new beginning for a city under seige from violence, stabbings, vicious assaults, racial tension, underage binge drinking, out of control sports stars, excessive speeding, rudeness, rising crime, unemployment, corporate greed and reality television.” said Doyle at the lunchtime launch function which cost ratepayers an additional $32.90 on top of the cost of the logo.

Critics have complained the logo looks “cheap, tawdry, derivitive” and “like they used crappy free clipart found on the net.”

Doyle rejected these claims, indicating he hired internet based Logo Consultancy Firm who specialise in $50 USD logos to come up with the new look, having found their website “late one night while looking for …er… information potting mix for some potplants. Yes, that sound okay.”

“We used their ‘Professional Business Logo’ package, which included 6 different designs to choose from, and unlimited revisions, all delivered within 5 days, satisfaction guaranteed!. It was well worth it, and I highly recommend it to all councils needing to distract their residents from poorly performing elected council officials and out of touch Lord Mayors.”


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