Elinchrom’s Lightweight Ranger Quadra AS Flash

Elinchrom’s Lightweight Ranger Quadra AS Flash

August 4, 2009: Kayell Australia will receive stock of Elinchrom’s new Ranger Quadra AS portable battery powered flash this month.

Offering advanced features in a compact and lightweight unit, this new flash system represents one of the most significant advances in professional lighting in many years. The AS stands for ‘asymmetrical’, which means one flash-head can fire at 66% power and the second head at 33%, for a true 2:1 lighting ratio when needed. Other significant features include an in-built Elinchrom Skyport radio remote receiver for wireless triggering and control over power settings.

The new
Ranger Quadra AS with head. (Source: Elinchrom.)
At 400Ws output, the Ranger Quadra AS is less powerful than Elinchrom’s Ranger RX at 1100Ws, but is significantly lighter and packs enough punch for location portraiture. Two lightweight heads are available, the standard RQS and high-speed RQA which freezes action with a 1/6000s strobe burst.

The 12-volt 3.2 Ah lead-gel battery charges in only 1.5 hours and delivers up to 150 flashes at maximum power or 2,000 flashes at minimum power. The modeling light is a low-energy 20W LED array delivering the equivalent of a 50W Halogen lamp with a colour temperature of 5500K. A spare battery is available for only $295. A range of reflectors and a new softbox are also available.

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