Shoe Spy Camera Will Probably Get You Arrested By Danny Allen on September 3, 2009

Wow. Omejo says its Wireless Shoe Covert Camera is specially designed for super-secret spy types, not upskirt perves. Riiight. The tiny camera hides in a shoe, and a tethered transmitter beams video to an included receiver with a 3-inch display.

The receiver is also a fully functioning tri-band GSM cell phone, and can record the wireless video signal from about 75 metres away (as MP4 files; 352 by 288 at 15fps). It has a TV-out connection, 1GB of built-in storage and an SD Card reader.

The most important thing is that this handset is a normal handset, you can listen to music equally, and it can also receive the 2.4GHZ signal as a handset receiver, enables you to be possible a better hidden camera, it is engaged in the espionage activity, our shoes CAMERA is your best choice.

That’s their description, not mine, and my head hurts after reading it. Thankfully the shoe cam shenanigans will set you back an equally crazy $US320, sorry students. [Omejo via RedFerret]


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