anything for the perfect shot!

Photographers continue to be wildly creative when it comes to finding that perfect spot, an impossible angle, or a singular moment, which lead to an outstanding picture. Sometimes this search becomes hilarious, or even dangerous – and one has to wonder if they get these perfect results they were after? “Sorry buddy, but your lens cap is on”.

Wild Moments in Sports Photography:

(images credit: Reuters, via)

How to get a good angle –

(image via)

Submerged in foam for the sake of photography (this was a promotional event for Sony in Miami City, using the world’s biggest foam creation machine – more images and photos here)

(images via)

Not quite possible? –

Tricks of the trade:

(image credit: Gitanes)

(image credit: Reuters, via)

(images via 1, 2)

(image credit: Christian Scholz)

(image via)

Yoda can teach you some tricks, too –

(image via)

Evolution: becoming a professional photographer –

(original unknown)

How many cameras you need? –

(original unknown)

Charming! –

(original unknown)

Super Zoom:

(image via)

So… still have a room for desert? – more images here:

(image credit: Maria F.)

Good use of equipment? –

This was probably done for educational purposes (or just out of curiosity) – Anatomy of a Praktica SLR:

Our traditional section: interaction with animals –

(image credit: Mike Nelson / AFP)

(image credit: Jason Friesen)

Hilarious amateurs!…

(images via 1, 2)

(image via)

(original unknown)


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