Wait, Flickr Didn’t Already Have An iPhone App? By John Herrman on September 9, 2009

No, somehow! But after a year of forcing users to settle for a web interface, and by extension, sending them into the comforting arms of various third-party uploading apps, Yahoo has finally made a native Flickr client. It’s decent!

At heart, this is a fairly basic photo uploading app: Logging in brings you to an account management dashboard, where you can browse your photos as well as your friends’, and search Flickr as a whole. It’s quite a bit like their web interface, except with all the hallmark advantages of a native app, i.e. a more responsive interface, and direct camera integration, with geotagging.

The app seems to have a tendency to slow down while thumbnails are loading, and there’s no way to zoom in on photos within the app, but hey, this thing’s free—and there are still plenty of alternatives in the App Store if it doesn’t quite do it for you. [Flickr via Techcrunch]


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