How can I import from a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and change the frame rate on an Avid Media Composer, Nitris DX system?

Here’s how to import from a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and how to change frame rates by keeping all frames. The following procedure has been done on a Media Composer 3.5 Nitris DX Windows.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a Digital SLR camera which is able to shoot video in full HD 1080p30. The footage is stored in Quicktime Container compressed in H264 40 mbit/s. You can import the footage in 1080p30 project (As of 03/2009 only available on Media Composer with Nitris DX) and work either in DNxDH or uncompressed in its progressive flavor. The colorlevel of the Canon camera is RGB which should be chosen as the import setting.

You can also import the .mov files into a 1080p25 project and the Media Composer will drop out 5 of the 30 frames per second. Depending on the motion in the picture there may be some visible jitter. The best way is to import and use the footage in a 1080p30 project (if available) and do all the editing in this project. If you need a 25p version of your timeline, the following steps are suggested:

1. Export a QT Reference file video only (709 color space) of your timeline.

2. Export the Audio as a Wave file.

3. Open a 1080p25 project.

4. Open the console and type in “IgnoreQTRate 1”.

5. Set your Import settings to “Image sized for current format” and “601 SD or 709 HD”.

6. Import the QT Ref movie (should be a fast import).

7. Import the Audio.

8. Video will be around 20% longer than the Audio.

9. Edit Audio and video into the timeline. Video at the same length as Audio.

10. Add a timewarp FX to the video and set the speed to 120%.

11. Render the effect by using the FluidMotion option.

12. Video and Audio should be synced up again in a much better quality than by using the direct import.

Lucky I have an Avid Nitris System.


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