1D Mark IV??

Coming Soon?
Jeff Brehm, a photo editor and photographer made this statement on the sportsshooter message board.

“I won’t say who told me … but a well-placed person at one of the site sponsors told me last week that the new Canon Mark IV is coming out next month.”

Canon Press Event September 29, 2009?
From the world of anonymous. Someone is claiming they’ve been invited to a Canon press event on the 29th of September to see one of Canon’s “biggest and most important launches in history.”


thanks Fredrick & Andy

Forum: http://www.canonrumorsforum.com/index.php?topic=276.0


Not in 2009
Received an email saying we wouldn’t see the new 1D4 until the new year.

Canon will announce the camera shortly after the 2010 Olympics. This would put the announcement into the first week of march.

The games will be used as the final testing of the camera. It’s apparently going to be quite vigorous. It’s Canon’s hope to have the camera in the hands of photographers for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
This sounds plausible. Having a world class sporting event in the winter to test the camera sounds like a great idea. The World Cup is the bigger event.


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