Revisionist Look at the Classic Film

Lets look again at the film that started it all “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” – and reconsider the story in the light of films I-III. Keith Martin wrote the article, detailing his discoveries of hidden events and agendas that must’ve taken place in that first film (for narrative thread and logic to hold together) – but were left out for various (mostly clandestine) reasons.

Here is the link. Read the article and discover, for example that:

– Chewbacca is the ultimate undercover agent and a deep thinker.
– Han Solo is not all that daring and independent.
– Millennium Falcon is a hot custom job, “007”-like.
– Pretty much everything that happened on Tatooine was prearranged;
and most surprisingly, that R2D2 is “The Mastermind”, the Brain behind it all.

If this article was surprising, there is nothing surprising about this comparison between Star Wars and Harry Potter:


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