Monsterpod Camera-Mount Sticks to Almost Anything By Charlie Sorrel


One well crafted pitch from Photojojo and we’re hooked. Here’s the opening of the blurb which describes the Monsterpod: “If there were a tripod equivalent to the hoverboard, the Monsterpod would be it.”

Unbeatable. So what is it? The Monsterpod is a fat disc of viscoelastic polymer with a tripod mount up top. Screw on your camera, scooch the pod onto almost anything (bricks, glass, stone) and there it sticks for up to ten minutes, holding your camera steady for a quick low-light shot or self-portrait.

Viscoelastic Polymer is a material that acts like rubber honey — once deformed it creeps slowly back into shape. Think Stretch-Armstrong, only more useful. The Monsterpod costs $30, and you’ll need to spend another $10 on the zip-up carrying case. This makes it a little more expensive the the other favorite mini-camera holder, Joby’s Gorillapod, although the uses of each are different enough that you might want both. Maximum camera weight, 20oz.

Product page [Photojojo]


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