How Pro Photographers Use Their Cameraphones

Professional photographers are quickly turning the iPhone into standard camera equipment, using it not only as a visual notebook and a method to free their minds from creative stumbling blocks, but also for their commercial work. Below are three pros who have integrated their cameraphones into their daily routine.

Robert Clark Robert-Clark

New York photographer Robert Clark enjoys the distinction of being the first photographer to shoot a commercial assignment with a cameraphone, his commissioned book Image America. “It’s loose and free, stream of consciousness photography,” he says. “I just treat it as a visual diary, taking notes on my own life.” Other photographers, who at first discouraged him from using a phone camera, changed their minds when they saw the results. “National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey thought it was the best work I had ever done,” Clark says with a laugh. (above: ShakeIt Photo app)

Melissa Lyttle


When St. Petersburg Times (Florida) sta“ photographer Lyttle shot an actual assignment with the iPhone camera, she found an unexpected surprise. “It’s like it freed something up in my brain,” she says. “Some sort of blockage … it took all the rules that I subconsciously impose on myself in my regular photographic life and it threw them all out the window. I felt really free to just go and play and have fun and not take myself or my photography too seriously. In a lot of ways it was like some sort of visual yoga.” (above: CameraBag/Helga app)
James Duncan Davidson


Anyone who has felt the heft of a Leica rangefinder knows how a well-made camera can inspire your shooting. Similarly, Davidson finds the iPhone’s interface to o“er a unique way of imaging. The mix of the large screen and touch focusing now also found on compact cameras provides an intimate interaction that encourages creativity. He considers it a kind of digital Polaroid camera. “I’m finding it to be a really wonderful tool for sketching ideas,” he says. “It’s useful as a piece of serious thinking gear even though it’s not a serious production tool.” (above: CameraBag/Lolo app)

To read more about how professionals use their iPhones to capture stunning images read our feature: “Photographers And Their iPhones”

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