Can-Do Film Festival and Competition

Welcome to the Can-Do Film Festival and Competition.
January 1st 2010 through to March 20th 2010.
Winners announced in mid April 2010.
Contest is open to Canon shooters world-wide.

Submit a short four minutes or less movie shot ONLY on the

Canon HD DSLR EOS 1D Mk IV, EOS 5D Mk II or EOS 7D.
You can submit more than one movie and submit in different
categories as long as each movie is registered first with a separate fee.
The short film can not be any longer than four minutes from
start to finish …. if it is one second over the four minute limit it will
be removed from the website.

The short can be in one of ten different genres:

  • Music Video
  • Spec Commercial
  • TV Show Teaser
  • Movie Trailer
  • Narrative – drama, sci-fi, horror, humor, romantic comedy
  • Documentary – people and places
  • Documentary – nature
  • Sports Event
  • Wedding Event
  • Military Services

There will be three separate cross-genre categories:

  • Technical Innovation – cool use of EOS technology.
  • Creative Inspiration – most unusual movie.
  • Overall winner – story plus performance plus camera work plus wow factor!
Canon Inc and RAWworks prizes will be given to the Winners in
each of the thirteen categories. Other sponsors prizes will be
added as we proceed so keep checking the Prizes section.

The winning entries will be compiled into a BluRay

and projected at major media event in Los Angeles in April.

Strictly NO pornography or gratuitous violence allowed.

May the best filmmaker win …. let’s see you get the most out

of the Canon EOS HD DSLR range of cameras.

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