GigaPan Epic Pro Gives Your DSLR Full Panoramic Power By Brian Barrett on March 16, 2010 at 8:56 AM

We’ve been waiting on a DSLR version of the GigaPan Epic gigapixel photo system for a while now, and the moment’s finally arrived: the GigaPan Epic Pro handles DSLRs and large lenses to stitch together photos into sweeping panoramas.

The GigaPan Epic Pro can handle a camera and lens combination of up to 4.5kg, which should pretty much have you covered. Like the Epic and Epic 100, it automatically tilts and moves your camera to capture hundreds of photos of the scene you want to capture, then stitches them together with its proprietary software into a mammoth panorama.

It also fits standard tripods, and will take up to 20 pictures per position. The mount will be available in April for $US895, which includes the GigaPan Stitch software that does the dirty work. Not a bad deal, given the breathtaking images you’d be able to get. [GigaPan Systems]



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