1Ds Mark IV??? canon rumors.

First Spec List
This is the first spec list I have received about the 1Ds Mark IV.

The person that sent this in stressed the 1Ds Mark IV will not set the benchmark for video performance in the Canon lineup. It’s felt the camera is too big for a lot of people. There will be a more video oriented full frame camera coming. The 1Ds Mark IV is a still camera first.

-32mp CMOS (New Sensor Technology)
Noise control wasn’t the primary goal of the sensor, dynamic range is.

The new sensor requires a new processor, This will be the 2nd camera with DIGIC V.

-5 FPS
No increase in shooting speed.

-Video Features
Video will be about the same as the 1D Mark IV feature wise. There may be a couple of extra bells and whistles.

-Live View
Contrast detection AF will be the fastest yet on a Canon DSLR.

-Form Factor
The camera will be nearly the same shape as the 1D Mark IV. Do not expect any ergonomic upgrades

-Flash Master
There will be a built in flash master to work with a new Canon speedlite.

-Announcement in August
Expect this to receive a separate press announcement.

VIA: canonrumors


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