This year I want to transition…

From staff to freelance.

From shooting what they want to what I want.

From not owning my photos to realize the value of holding copyright.

From big fish in little pond to small fish in big pond.

From saying yes to saying no.

From ? to inc.

From understanding that I have a lot to learn and going out and learning it.

From buying to investing.

From shooting on-the-side to realizing the side is where I want to shoot.

From “I shoot weddings from time-to-time (shhhh)” to “Hey, I shoot weddings!”

From expecting the phone to ring to picking up the phone.

From spindles to Drobo.

From zoom to prime.

From thinking I knew who I was to knowing who I am. Kind of.

From a cubicle to my couch and getting more done.

From being hired to hiring.

From going down with the ship to leaping off and wondering if it was a good idea.

From thinking what I feel and not saying it to probably saying too much.

From hobby sized internet presence to globally known.

From Canon to Hasselblad.

From editing reality TV  to high end DOP.

From fearing change to embracing it.







Thanks Chip…. wise words… I did add a few things.


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