Video: Missing Photos Found In Prospect Park During Blizzard


During the blizzardfilmmaker Todd Bieber found a canister of film while skiing in Prospect Park and decided to develop the photographs. And he found that quite a few were pretty good! He’s made this video in hopes of locating the photographer to return the film to him—based on other photos, it looks like the photographer may have been a tourist (the photographer and his friend have a “Europe look to them”) and he had been in Central Park and on the Brooklyn Bridge earlier in the day.


Video: Clues, But No Answers In Mystery of Found Film


Last month, filmmaker Todd Bieber charmed, well, everyone by posting a video detailing a mysterious canister of film he found in Prospect Park after the December 27 blizzard and his quest to find the film’s rightful owner. He developed the film, finding some lovely photographs of snowy Brooklyn and some subjects who had a “Europe look to them,” and asked that people email him at if they lost the film. Well, Todd has a new video reporting back about what’s happened since his video has caught national





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