WVIL Digital Camera? WTF

the future…

A 31MP concept camera that looks like a combination iPhone and EVIL digital camera.

Called a WVIL (Weevil?) camera, the concept product is allegedly built around a mobile operating system similar to what you’d find in most apps-laden smart phones.

And what does the acronym WVIL stand for? Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera, according to the below video. The designers have purportedly built a 31MP, full-frame CMOS sensor into the removable lens. When you take off the lens, it acts as a wireless viewfinder, sending live video footage back to the camera body.

Yes, this is all kinds of vaporware bull-cocky but we think it’s wrong that some people have labeled this YouTube clip and the camera concept as fakes. Though the video looks staged, it appears to come from a real prototype design company, the Seattle-based Artefact Group.

The WVIL concept (here’s the website) is also quite clever and camera manufacturers who have seen the point-and-shoot market get eaten alive by smart phones that let you easily share photos via wireless networks, might want take note.

(Our favorite part of the below clip is the unexpected cameos by PC Magazine‘s PJ Jacobowitz and Picture Business‘ Mike McEnaney.)




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