1969 Ford Falcon XW GT-HO Phase 1 Sedan

As thinly disguised race cars went, Ford’s Falcon GT-HO was right up there with the best of them, a homologation special in the finest Bathurst tradition. Starting with the original Falcon XR in 1967, the GT featured a powerful small-block V8 with a revised camshaft, higher compression ratio and four-barrel carburettor plus new exhaust manifold for better breathing while stiffer suspension, front disc brakes and four-speed all-synchro gearbox completed the package. With the launch of the facelifted XW Falcon in 1969, the GT heralded new levels of performance thanks to the 351-cid Windsor V8, a twin-plate clutch, limited-slip diff, power-assisted front disc brakes and 36-gallon fuel tank plus a full complement of instruments. With trademark ‘Super Roo’ stickers and twin driving lights, the Falcon GT was the toughest looking Falcon yet and went on to spawn the legendary GT-HO which gave Allan Moffat his first victory at Bathurst in 1970. Although HO stood for Handling Option, and the XW GT did indeed include an anti-roll bar at the rear, there were some important changes under the bonnet as well, with a bigger Holley, reprofiled camshaft, better flowing intake manifold and altered valves and lifters. The result was a thumping 300bhp and 385lb/ft of torque, making the GT-HO the quickest Aussie muscle car to date with 0-100km/h times in around 6.5 seconds and the standing quarter mile in 14.4 seconds. Just 662 Falcon GT-HOs were built, a fraction of total XW production, and for the serious muscle car collector and Ford enthusiast, a genuine HO must be one of the most desirable performance cars around.



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