Too little, too late? Final Cut X updates

final cut pro x update fixed [Upgrades] Has The New Update To Apples Final Cut Pro Fixed The Backlash?

Remember when Apple released the new version of its flagship video editing program Final Cut X? If not, you might want a refresher course with Conan O’brien. Basically the backlash was almost unanimous, and it made many of us thankful we chose Avid Media Composer as our editing software of choice. Well today there is an upgrade that apparently fixes most of the complaints from FCP X users.

With the new Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3 upgrade, Apple has added a few features left out of the original version of Final Cut X. Here is a list of a few of the substantial changes that should appease the most hardcore video editors. If there is something you still want to see in the X version that your Pro version did, leave your thoughts in the comments below:

Multicam Editing and Syncing (similar to Plural Eyes maybe?)
Advanced Chroma Keying
Better XML integration for 3rd party applications and plug-ins
Beta version of Broadcast monitoring
Initial support for Thunderbolt and PCIe cards
Conversion of .EDL files into XML files for compatibility with older FCP sessions and projects (via 7toX’s $10 plugin)

Both the free update to Apple’s V10.0.3 upgrade and the legacy plugin from 7toX can be found here in The Mac Store.

via [PC Mag]


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