“Rest” A beautiful zombie short film….yes!

Something that we as filmmakers need to always remember: if you can connect with the audience, nothing else really matters. Get people hooked and the sets and the costumes and the cinematography all become seamless, and it becomes an experience – transporting people to a different place for a short period of time. Pretty pictures will only do so much for you – they can get your foot in the door, but if there’s nothing behind the facade, then people aren’t going to have a lasting impression.


“Rest,” is the story of a young American soldier who dies in WW1 and ninety years later unearths himself from a grave in the European countryside. Shot over the course of a week in Mendocino County, Morongo Valley and New York City, the film is a dark, but beautiful meditation on a wayward soul’s pursuit of peace.

Starring: Josh Rowe, Caitlin Helms

Director: Cole Schreiber
Cinematography: James Laxton
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
Composer: Keegan Dewitt

Producers: Brett Marty, Cherie Saulter
Make Up: Chris Proctor
Production Design: Morgan Hall
Costume Design: Aggie Guerrad Rodgers, Chris Proctor
First AC: Jay Keitel
Second Camera: Ethan Scott
Sound Recording: Marcus Thompson

The Mill NY
Visual Effects: Gigi Ng, Jade Kim
Post Producers: Maura Hurley, Bethan Thomas

Title Design: Monica Perez, Georgia Tribuiani

Sound Designer: Kevin Zimmerman
Sound Mixer: Rohan Young


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