Viewfinder For Your Phone…. sweet.

Here’s an interesting idea by Oregon-based engineering consultant Paul Anderson called The Daylight Viewfinder. The patent pending invention, which is in the process of raising $44,000 on Kickstarter, is a suction mountable, sun blocking viewfinder/app combo that allows you to take great pictures with your phone (currently iOS only) even in bright daylight.

Granted, the product falls into a strange category — everyday iPhone users might not see a need and photographers may not use the camera on their phone enough to justify it — but it’s a great idea and something we could definitely see in the iPhone accessory isle of your local Best Buy. If you want to support the Daylight Viewfinder head over to its Kickstarter page. The final product will retail for ~$30, but the next 161 early bird backers can get it for only $20, after which even Kickstarter supporters will have to pay $24.


Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone (via Mashable)


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