Overcoming Your Fear of Street Photography in 31 Days

If you’ve ever gone out to try your hand at street photography you probably experienced your fair share of anxiety once you were out there. Taking photos of strangers, even on crowded city streets, takes practice and time, time that’s mostly spent getting over the natural fear of taking people’s photos without their permission. But the fact that it requires practice and time doesn’t mean that a few good tips won’t speed the process along significantly.

So, in the hope that you would stop missing phenomenal shots by simply not taking them, street photographer Eric Kim has put together a 31-day “program” of sorts that will walk you through the initial stages of becoming a street photographer. From identifying your specific fears to the final challenge of standing your ground in front of an angry subject who is threatening to call the cops and telling them to go ahead.

He’s put all 31-days into an ebook that he’s giving away for free, and all he’s asking in return is for some help getting it edited and looking pretty. Head over to his website and leave a comment if you’re looking to help better the book, or check out the entire PDF version by clicking here. And if you’re going to be taking on your fears of street photography this month, then good luck and happy shooting!

FREE EBOOK: 31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography [Eric Kim Street Photography]


Image : THE BUSKER copyright Jason Felmingham


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