The Flea3 Webcam: The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

You may think that shooting 4K video is reserved for people with deep pockets and cinematographic aspirations, but a new camera from Point Grey begs to differ. The company’snew Flea3 webcam seeks to offer that same super-high resolution in a tiny package and for a significantly smaller (though still not small) price tag than, say, a RED Epic.

The Flea3 officially earns the title of “world’s smallest 4k camera.” It measures little more than an inch at its thickest point, sports a Sony Exmor R sensor, works in real-time through a USB 3.0 cable and is available to anyone with $945 of disposable income.

Of course, the price puts it out of range for most people’s webcam needs, but if you’re a business that wants to broadcast high-res video conferences or inspections, the Flea3 may be a welcome addition to the family. If you want more info, or are interested in dropping a grand on a pocket-sized 4K camera, head over to the Point Grey website for all the details.

(via Gizmodo)


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